New: Hunting Action Channel

New: Hunting action Channel. We are happy to welcome a brand new channel to M2M TV: Hunting Action Channel. Hunting Action Channel tells you the story of hunting, with action and nothing but action. Of course with a lot of respect for flora and fauna.

Closer to the action 
Hunting Action Channel is a unique concept designed by passionate hunters. The channel will bring you closer to the action by showing, instead of telling. Dive into the world of the smallest and largest game, hunting and fishing and splendid landscapes from all around the world. If you are interested in hunting, this channel is for you!

Gunting, fishing and more
The channels editorial commitment is based on action. Hunting action segments, sparse commentaries for a greater viewing and adrenaline pleasure. Collaboration with Outfitters and PH. A large part of our images is coming directly from Outfitters and PH. Hunting Action Channel around the world with worldwide images, Hunting Action Channel provides you with novelty and exoticisms.From the smallest to the largest game, hunting and fishing scenes, driven in Europe, stalking in America, hunting in de the high mountains. Discover splendid landscapes on Hunting Action Channel.

Hunting Action Channel is now available on M2M TV for € 4,99 per month.