New Channel: English Club TV

Always wanted to improve your english speaking and writing skills? Than English Club TV is essential! Improve your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. New Channel: English Club TV

The channel is unique in its methods. Watching English Club TV 15 minutes a day during a year, viewers will learn 2000 new words and 100 grammar structures. The channel is watched daily by 24.000.000 subscribers in more than 76 countries around the world. Learning and improving a new channel doesn’t have to be hard, with English Club TV it becomes a pleasant and exciting experience.

English Club TV is now available on M2M TV for 3,60 euro per month. The channel is perfect for educational purposes and kids and families to improve their english. Please login and go to the channel list. Do you not have an account yet? Register here!

English Club TV
Genre: Kids and Family, Education
Language: English
Available in: Worldwide
Price: € 3,60 per month. Now the first month for free!