Channel: Arirang TV, Korea’s representative English channel

Arirang TV, Korea’s representative English broadcasting station, is now available on M2M TV! The international channel spreads the uniqueness of Korea to the world through cutting-edge broadcasting mediums.

News, culture and entertainment, shows and more from Korea to the international community.

Arirang TV’s objective is to burnish Korea’s image in international communities and to improve relationships with foreign countries. Its core mission is to deliver programs worldwide 24 hours a day in order to provide news and information about North East Asia including the Korean peninsula.
Arirang TV is dedicated to the development of broadcasting, media, and the advertising industry, along with the advancement of culture and art.
Arirang TV
Genre: News, Culture, entertainment
Language: English
Available in: Worldwide
Costs: For free. Select Arirang TV from the channel list when you subscribe to M2M TV Basic