M2M TV - Choose your own channels

M2M TV is now worldwide available!

Hurray, great news: M2M TV is as of today worldwide available! Watch television when and where you would like and choose your own channels. Watch television on tablets, smartphones and tv. You decide!

We offer a brand new way of watching television. You select the channels you would like to watch and only pay for those. No big packages with channels you never watch, but freedom and flexibility. All channels are monthly terminable.

M2M TV is available on smartphone, tablet and television. You can download the M2M TV app for free for Android and iOS. The only thing you need to start watching M2M Tv is an internet connection and a subscription to M2M TV.

M2M TV Worldwide

For 5,99 you can start watching the channels you would like to see. Sign up for extra channels from 15 cents per channel per month. For a complete list of the channels we offer, please go here. The next weeks (and basically always) we will work very hard to make more channels available. Are there any channels you definitely would like to watch via M2M TV, please let us know!