Channel: 1+1, for Ukrainians living abroad

More great news for the Ukrainian people, 1+1 has joined the platform! 1+1 is the Ukrainian and Russian spoken tv channel for premium family entertainment for Ukrainians living abroad. That is what we call Infotainment!

Channel: 1+1 International

1+1 International is a family oriented premium infotainment TV-channel for Ukrainians living abroad. It was launched in 2006 as an international version of Studio 1+1, one of the oldest and most popular TV-channels in Ukraine, broadcasting in Ukrainian and Russian languages.

It presents the news and current affairs programming of TSN (TV Service of News) produced live from Kyiv and the variety of both original and acquired entertainment programming: traveling and cultural projects, big shows, documentary, sports, kids programs, humor, feature films and popular TV series. Today, 1+1 International is a channel where everybody can find something to his or her liking, bringing the spirit of freedom and openness to the Ukrainian community around the globe.

You can find 1+1 searching for categorie ‘infotainment’. Enjoy watching!

1+1 Ukraine 
Genre: Infotainment
Language: Russian
Available in: Worldwide available
Costs: € 1,49 per month