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Press release: New large German TV-package available on M2M TV

Press release:

New large German TV-package available

Mobile2morrow is offering its European clientele as of today a new large German television package. The package consists of all 8 channels of der Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland with, among others, RTL, VOX and news-channel N-TV. Also the channels Auto, Motor und Sport and Marco Polo TV are included. M2M TV is the first and only platform that offers all the channels from RTL Germany in one package. The RTL-package is not available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

German channels
The package offers a variety of channels with news, shows, series, soaps, movies, documentary’s, sports and more. Channels in the German package are RTL, Vox, RTL 2, Super RTL, RTL Nitro, n-tv, RTL Plus, Toggo+ Marco Polo TV and Auto, Motor und Sport. The RTL package is available in Europe, except for Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The price is € 7,25 per month, including M2M TV basic. New subscribers pay €3,63 in the first month.

M2M TV is an online a la carte TV service. With M2M TV, it is possible to subscribe to individual channels, next to M2M TV basic. The viewer decides which channels they would like to watch and can choose between channels and small channel packages. The online service works on browser, smartphone, tablet and Tv. M2M TV supports fourth generation Apple TV’s, Amazon Fire sticks and Android TV boxes. All subscriptions are monthly terminable. M2M TV users watch national and international channels like Rai form Italy, Globo from Brazil or Turkish channels like a Haber. There are also channels available with specific genres like fight channels, motorsport channels like Motorvision TV and news channels like France 24 and Al Jazeera.

“Our mission is to make every channel internationally available” says CEO Edwin Snelderwaard. “Customers can now watch channels from their home country or cultural background, which were limited available before”.
More about the German TV Channels

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About M2M TV
M2M TV is an a la carte TV provider where customers can select their channels. The target group of M2M TV is the viewer with a connection with a foreign country like expats and immigrants and the viewer with interests in channels with very specific genres, like motorsports. The service is available via apps for Android and iOS on smartphone and tablet. On TV, M2M TV is available via an Android Box, Apple TV 4 and Amazon Fire Sticks. A browser version is also available. Every subscription is monthly terminable.Mobile2Morrow