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New at M2M TV: RTL Germany, Auto Motor Sport TV and Marco Polo TV

A premiere in Europe, for the first time all of the channels of Media group RTL Germany and Marco Polo TV and Auto Motor Sport TV available in one package. The 8 channels of RTL are favorite among german speakers and combined with cars and travel, they form a package with a variety of german channels. The channels in the package are RTL Television, Vox, RTL 2, RTL Nitro, N-TV, RTL Plus, Toggo Plus and Auto Motor Sport.

RTL Deutschland

Germany’s most successful private channel and number 1 among 14 – 59 year old.
The channel entertains and informs, surprises, polarizes and provides reliability. RTL provides conversation. In every genre there are interesting programs and relevant themes. Many of the programs come from the brand RTL itself, like Let’s Dance or Deutschland sucht den Superstar. It shows news-programs like RTK Aktuell and magazine formats like Punkt 12. Undercover reportages like Team Wallraff and real life shows like Bauer sucht frau are also form the brand RTL. Other shows are Deutschland 83 and the classic Alarm für Cobra 11. daily shows are Gute Zeiten, Schlechte zeiten and comedy-events like Ich bin ein Star- holt mich hier raus.


High quality entertainment
Vox is since 1993 active and belongs to one of the 4 most watched private channels from Germany. The channel offers highquality entertainment in daytime and primetime. mant of the show ons vox are own productions who make Vox the channel it is today. Highlights of the channel are Club der Roten Bänder, Die Höhe der Löwen, sing meinem song, das tauschenkonzertm Kitchen imposible, Grill den Henssler. das Perfekte Dinner and Shopping Wuen. The channel is rewarded with many prices like de Grimme, de Bambi anbd the Echo. Vox offers more: exciting series, feature films and researched miltihour documentaries about history andcurrent social themes like Asternweg – Einde strasse ohne Ausweg.

Super RTL

Childrens most favorite channel in Germany
Under the brand TOGGO and Toggoline offrs the channel a well spend activity for schildren in thei free time. Toggos taregt group is 6 – 13 year old children. Toggoline is oriented to the needs and vieuwing habits of preschoolers. In primetime, Super RTL offers addults a variety of high quality series, feature films as well as highlights from the animation genre.

With Toggo Plus, Super RTL Operates a digital timeshift channel that broadcasts the daytime programm an hour later.


Germany’s first news channel.
As a modern news company, n-tv offers its content on all platforms and across all media. Trademarks of the n-tv program are the many live boradcasts and its braking news character. In addition to news, n-tv is mainly responsible for the most comprehensive economic reporting on German television. Every day, n-tv offers up-to-date stock market news, corporate news and consumer themes – researched, comprehensively presented and competently presented.
For several years the news channel n-tv has consistently pursued a highly successful multi-platform strategy. Whether on television, online, smartphone, radio or at Amazon Echo – with n-tv you are always well informed. OThe many video’s streams and text have one thing in common, High journalistic quality and credibility. This is also honored by the users.

RTL Nitro

Television for men
RTL Nitro Offers viewers a high-quality program mix of series, sitcoms, feature films, factual entertainment and in-house productions. With its wide range of programs for men in German Free TV, the channel provided a rapid increase in viewers in just a few years – and the trend is growing. RTL NITRO complements the channel portfolio of the media group RTL Deutschland. In addition to sitcom highlights, the program selection on RTL NITRO is also convincing by selected crime and action series as well as series classics and feature films. In addition to the factual entertainment highlights, the station is also sharpening its channel profile with its own productions, such as the Grimme Award-nominated magazine Yps – Die Sendung with Jan Köppen and BEEF!


Surprisingly different and refreshing.
The station inspires its audience with emotional and versatile entertainment formats. Successful Daily Soaps captivate viewers across media boundaries. The Docu-Soaps at RTL II show the real life. In addition there are first-class series and real cinema highlights. High-quality reports and magazines offer an exciting variety of fascinating topics. The station is also convincing with its modern news concept. RTL II stands for emotional and versatile entertainment formats. Up-to-date program highlights: In the new format “Naked Attraction – Dating up close”, singles from six candidates can choose their favorites.

RTL Plus

Entertainment and Nostalgia.
RTLplus, the new station of the Mediengruppe RTL, offers an entertaining mix of popular classics and exclusive in-house productions. RTLplus is the youngest digital free-TV station of the media group RTL Germany – and was successful right away. The station offers an entertaining mix of popular classics and exclusive in-house productions. The main evening offers a daily changeing offer of RTL classics like color with a daily changing programm “Dr. Stefan Frank “,” Hintergittern “and” Doppelter Einsatz” as well as “Monk”, “Einsatz in 4 Wäden” or “Nikola” and the early episodes of “Bauer sucht Frau”. Among the exclusive self-productions that characterize the channel, there are new releases of the Gameshows “Familiendell, “Ruck Zuck” and “Glücksrad”. The gameshows have been on RTLplus since autumn 2016. RTLplus is mainly aimed at females, but is of course also for all the spectators who like undisturbed entertainment and nostalgia.

Auto Motor und Sport TV

The entire range of automotive fascination – 24 hours a day.
Whether test track or circuit, old-timer garage or tuning workshop, automobile history or future technologies: Auto Motor und sport TV is always at the right time in the right place when it comes to Automobile.

Marco Polo TV

The world at home.
The most attractive cities around the world, popular destinations, fascinating landscapes and adventurous routes. Marco Polo TV knows it all! Image-rich reports show the uniqueness of each destination and give many insider tips.

German channel package
RTL, Vox, RTL 2, Super RTL, RTL Nitro, N-TV, RTL Plus, Toggo Plus, Marco Polo en Auto, Motor und Sport.
Price: 7,25 per month, including M2M TV basic. There are no additional costs. New subscribers pay € 3,63 per month
Available in: European Union and Liechtenstein, but not in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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