Fighting Sports on M2M TV!

We introduce a new channel-package today: The Fighting Sports package! All the best global fighting sports and events in one package! Enjoy live events, matches and backgrounds from around the globe with Mixed Martial Arts, kickboxing, boxing, Muay Thai and more. With these channels you never miss out on spectacular shows, events and competitions from all around the world.

The Fighting sports package consists of the 3 channels Fight Channel World HD, FightBox HD and Fight TV. These are all english spoken channels and broadcast every aspect of fighting sports. From boxing to armwrestling. From Superkombat to Cage Fury Fighting Championships and more. M2M TV basic is included, so no extra fee there.

Fighting Sports + M2M TV Basic
Fight Channel World HD, FightBox HD and Fight TV
Language: English
Availability: Worldwide available
Price: €7,99 per month including M2M TV basic.

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