4K / UltraHD

M2M TV / 4K / UltraHD

M2M TV supports 4K and UHD

Since end of 2017, M2M TV supports 4K and UltraHD on selected devices. Please make sure that your hardware qualifies, as it won’t work otherwise.
So what would you need?

First of all, an internet connection of 50 Megabit or more. As the channel consumes between 15 and 25 Mbit/sec, you need at least double to make sure that it can run ok.

Secondly, preferably a wired network connection as Wi-Fi isn’t always stable, especially in congested areas with a lot of WiFi networks. On WiFi, the 5Ghz networks are better suited because of speed than the 2.4Ghz normally. Newer modems and routers give you a 5Ghz signal in many cases.

Thirdly one of the following devices:

Tested and working: Apple TV 4K, M2M TV Box, iPad Pro 12.9 (2015), Chrome Browser & Firefox browser, iPhone X, iPhone 8/8Plus
Should work: Apple TV 4, any Android TV/TV Box (Android 5.1+), iPad Pro models after 2015, newer Android devices (i.e. Samsung Galaxy S7+), Amazon FireTV 4K, iPhone 7/7Plus, Recent Android Tablets
Doesn’t work: iPhones 6 or older, older Android Phones and Tablets, Amazon FireTV stick (with/without Alexa)