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About M2M TV – You decide!

Worldwide channels within reach. M2M TV is the new way of watching television. Choose your own channels, build your own package and watch directly online live television

✓ Choose your own channels 
✓ Watch on tablet, browser, mobile and television (via Apple TV4, Amazon Fire or Android Box)
✓ Add new channels whenever you like and watch immediately
✓ Monthly terminable
✓ Watch wherever you are, whenever you like with an internet connection
✓ From € 5,99 per month, watch M2M TV basic the first month for free!


Always available

Watch live television on tablet, smartphone, browser and tv. Put together your own list of channels and only pay for the channels you ordered. M2M TV is pick and pay television. You can add new channels whenever you like. The only thing you need is a working internet connection and a subscription to M2M TV to stream online live TV. Choose from channels from all around the world, you decide!

M2M TV Basic

Try M2M TV basic one month for free, After that, you only pay 5,99 per month. Channels that are included are: DW, France 24, GoTo Luxe.TV, HVN 2, RT, Arirang TV,  TRT World and Current Time.

Easy to set up:
1. Create an account and choose the channels you would like to watch.
2. Confirm and activate by paying 1 cent
3. Watch immediately

How does it work?

After registration and the selection of your channels, download the apps for Android or iOS or watch online TV via Web TV. Extra channels are available from 15 cents per channel per month and you can add channels whenever you like! All channels are monthly terminable.