The sports channels on M2M TV offer live and exclusive sports coverage. Catch the latest soccer games, live boat shows, fight sports like wrestling and kickboxing and jump into the world of action sports like skateboarding and snowboarding. Stream your channel live and online, anytime and anywhere with M2M TV. 

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Motorvision TV International

MOTORVISION TV is dedicated to the automotive world and provides reliable car reviews & tests, exciting motorsports, entertaining lifestyle shows, incredible performance and speed, exclusive classics, and tangible history documentaries.

Price: €2,79 per month
Available in: Worldwide, except for south America, America, Thailand, Italy and German speaking countries
Quality: HD

Motorvision TV
Speed TV logo

Speed TV

The motorsports channel: race previews and featured stories, action from the world of international racing and rallying. New car releases and the future of motoring.

Price: €0,40 per month 
Available in:
Worldwide available, except for Asia and Russia
Quality: SD 


 Watch rally, rally cross, singe seaters, GT, karting, of-road, track racing, ice racing powerboat and a lot more. Motors TV hosts over 70 international motor sports events like European Le Mans Series, FIA World Rally Championship, Blancpain Endurance Series, British GT Championship, TCR International Series, FIM World Motocross Championship, Inside GP, Le Touquet Enduropale, the FIA Formula 3, and much more.

Price: €0,99 per month
Available in:
The Netherlands, Belgium Luxemburg, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Germany
Quality: HD

Fight Sports

FightBox HD 

FightBox HD is a unique worldwide channel presenting a compilation of the finest combat sports from around the globe all on one channel. It has a multi-discipline coverage with MMA, kickboxing, boxing, wrestling, arm-wrestling, karate, jiu-jitsu, taekwondo, sumo, capoeira, judo, muay-thai, cage fighting, wushu, sanda and more. 

Price: €2,69
Available in: Worldwide except for France

fightbox hd logo
Fight TV logo

Fight TV

Fight TV offers 100% fight. Wrestling, boxing, Kung-fu, material arts, Muay Thai and a lot more with famous events as the Queensbury Boxing League and TNA.

Price: €0,40 per month
Available in: Worldwide available, except for Asia and Russia
Quality: SD 

Fight Channel World HD

Fight Channel World HD offers many popular fighting events with worldwide famous athletes and top brands such as Konfrontacija Sztuk Walki (KSW), Resurrection Fighting Alliance (RFA), Superkombat (SK), Legend, King of Kings (KOK), Yokkao, Global Fighting Championship (GFC), Titan Fighting Championship (Titan FC), Legacy Fighting Championship (Legacy FC) and many more.

Price: €3,29 per month
Available in:
Quality: HD

Fight Channel Word HD

Extreme Sports

Fuel TV

The Channel speaks to the trendsetters, the influencers and the cutting edge. Featuring quality programming that inspires and entertains both action sports fans and the youth of today who are drawn to their sights, sounds, personalities, aesthetics and culture. 

Price: €2,99 per month
Available in: Worldwide

Quality: HD

Fuel TV logo
Xtrem Sports

Xtrem Sports

The extreme sports channel.
100% adrenaline! Most spectacular extreme sports moments. 

Price: €0,40 per month 
Available in:
Worldwide available
Quality: SD 

Fast’nFunBox HD

Fast’n’FunBox HD is offering an action packed adrenaline-inducing medley of extreme sports from car racing and sailing to snowboarding and skateboarding without ever having to leave the comfort of your couch.
It has a variety of discipline: car racing, motocross, boating, sailing, skateboarding, snowboarding, skydiving, skateboarding, BMX, FMX and a lot more. The channel is free of commercials and broadcasted in HD.

Price: €1,10 per month
Available in:
Quality: HD

Fast'n'FunBox logo

More Sports

Nautical channel

Nautical Channel is the only 24/7 global TV broadcaster dedicated to nautical programming, providing viewers with a fresh perspective on sailing, powerboating and surfing sports.

Viewers will have front row seats to top nautical sports events such as: America’s Cup World Series, World Surf League Tour, IKA Kiteboarding World Championships, PWA World Windsurfing Tour, Volvo Ocean Race, P1 Superstock, and more.

Price: €3,75 per month
Available in: Worldwide except for Kosovo and Turkey
Quality: SD

nautical channel
Hunting Action Channel logo

Hunting Action Channel

Action, nothing but action! The Hunting Action Channel is a television channel focusing on hunting. Its editorial commitment is based on action.

Price: €4,99 per month
Available in:
Quality: SD

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