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Fighting Sports on M2M TV!

We introduce a new channel-package today: The Fighting Sports package! All the best global fighting sports and events in one package! Enjoy live events, matches and backgrounds from around the globe with Mixed Martial Arts, kickboxing, boxing, Muay Thai and more. With these channels you...

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New Channel for Children: RiC TV!

RiC TV is the channel for children from 3 - 13 and the whole family. The channel Ric TV has High-quality productions which are non-violent and educational, Promoting creativity, conveying knowledge and proper social behavior. All programs are of European origin and perfect for children...

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Fix und Foxy

Fix&Foxi new on M2M TV

Fix&Foxi Channel is hosted by the adorable and famous twin foxes and has a blend of 2D, CGI animated and live action shows for kids and their families with classic characters, first runs and brand new shows which are perfectly designed for children and families. The channel...

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Pega Pega

Pega Pega, a new Telenovela on Globo!

Pega Pega, a comédia policial! (English below) A comédia policial "Pega Pega" mostra os desdobramentos do roubo ao Hotel Carioca Palace na vida de cada um dos envolvidos, sejam eles hóspedes, suspeitos ou convidados do grande baile de gala. Em uma armadilha do destino, o cobiçado viúvo...

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Channel: Elrodi

Channel: Elrodi, Traditional Albanian music

New channel: Elrodi Music is now available on M2M TV. ELRODI MUSIC is an Albanian television that broadcasts only Albanian traditional music. It aims to preserve tradition and national culture. Channel: Elrodi Music  Language: Albanian Available in: Worldwide Price: € 0,24 per month Tring channels:  Elrodi Music is also part of the...

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Channel: BBF

Channel: BFF Music themes in Albania

BBF TELEVISION is the first commercial channel with music themes in Albania. It broadcasts 24 hours Albanian music including the latest clips of Albanian artists. The beginning of transmission has been based in Fier, and then this musical television moved to Tirana. Channel: BBF Television Language: Albanian Available...

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Folk Plus

Albanian channel Folk Plus is now available on M2M TV

New Channel: Folk + Hurray! Folk is now available on M2M TV! Folk + is part of BBF Television network. It broadcasts only folk music. Folk + Language: Albanian Available in: Worldwide Price: € 0,24 per month exclusive M2M TV Basic Tring Package Folk is also part of the Albanian Channel Pacakge. Together...

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