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ducktv is the first kid´s channel in Europe providing 100% high definition programming for toddlers. Its wholesome, amusing and educational programming is designed to help to develop the visual and auditory abilities of toddlers while maintaining a fun and relaxing experience.

Genre: Kids & Family
Language: No language
Available in: Worldwide available
Quality: HD
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Lola and the Numbers

Lola, the playful little girl constantly in motion, is always ready to count together with her Number Friends from 1 to 10. Let’s count with them!

Lola and the numbers
Henry's Stories

Henry’s Stories

Henry is a great storyteller. He always tells simple, but enjoyable stories that happen to all little children day by day. With the help of his little sack and storycards, Henry puts story elements in the right order, and voila, what he tells, comes alive.

Sound Around Us

The world is full of funny, exciting and strange voices. Liza and Ben, the elf twins helps us identifying the sources of all sounds that we hear day by day. Let it be a bell on a bike, the beep sound of an incoming message or the funny creaks when we are washing the windows.

Sound around us


Also on ducktv

Mimi and Bobo
Margo and Felix

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