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Kapatid TV5Kapatid TV5

News, Entertainment and sports from the Philippines.

Kapatid TV5, is a 24/7 general news and entertainment Filipino-language channel, which programming includes drama, comedy, fantasy, news and current affairs. Kapatid TV5 prides itself in its ability to capture the pulse of the Filipino people with programs such as Aksyon News, the round-the-clock news every morning, noontime, primetime and late night; Wattpad presents, a romance drama for the youth based on online stories published on Wattpad and Hi-5 Philippines, the Filipino version of Australia’s highly popular education and entertainment program; and many more.

Language: Filipino
Available in: Worldwide, except for Canada, Kosovo Philippines and USA.
Website: Go to website
Quality: SD
Price: € 3,49 per month, excluding M2M TV Basic*

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Hi-5 Philippines

The Filipino version of Australia’s highly popular and well-loved education and entertainment program that features five dynamic performers entertaining kids with music, dance, problem solving and play.

Hi-5 Philippines


Romance drama program for the youth that brings to life characters of widely read love stories by up and coming authors from the world’s largest online community of readers and writers, Wattpad. 

Aksyon News

TV5’s round-the-clock news every morning, noontime, primetime and late night

Aksyon Prime news

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