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One TV

One TV

Dedicado para ella

Dedicated to her, all in one place: beauty, cooking, travel and more!
Dedicado para ella, todo en un solo lugar: belleza, cocina, viaje y más!

Language: Spanish Castelian 
Availability: Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatamala, Mexico, Panama, Spain, USA
Quality: SD
Price: €0,40 per month* 

* You need a subscription to M2M TV to be able to use the a la carte offer of M2M TV. We call this M2M TV Basic. M2M TV Basic is always the first month for free, we only ask for a payment of 1 cent to confirm your subscription. After the first month, M2M TV basic costs € 5,99 per month. Read more about M2M TV Basic. 

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With M2M TV you can create your own channel package. Don’t pay for large packages with channels you never watch.  

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No long-term contracts, just pay per month. If you don’t watch a channel anymore, just cancel it!

√ Only €5,99 per month
M2M TV Basic is only €5,99 per month. Try now the first month free!*

Apuesta Extrema

Tres atractivas mujeres deberán escoger a un competidor de alguna disciplina específica para que las representen en una competencia deportiva. La perdedora del certamen tendrá que pagar una apuesta previamente establecida.

Apuesta Extrema

Descubriendo el Mundo

Descubre y explora el mundo sin necesidad de empacar tu maleta desde la comodidad de tu hogar.


Doña Gloria, fundadora de Gloria’s, hereda su estética a su hija Gloria una mujer que se siente parte de la ‘burguesía’ y a su nieta Glori una joven wannabe hipster. Freddy, un peluquero ingenuo y amanerado de provincia, será el único que realmente trabajará para mantener vivo el legado de Doña Gloria.


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And watch directly online live television! Watch live television on tablet, smartphone and tv. Put together your own list of channels and only pay for the channels you ordered. We have acontract with every channel we offer, so M2M TV is completely legal and cheaper than most other providers. You can add new channels whenever you like. The only thing you need is a working internet connection and a subscription to M2M TV to stream channels whenever you like.


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Of course, you can check the list of all available channels on M2M TV. Or check our Frequently Asked Questions for help. Question not answered there? You can send us an e-mail and we’ll come back to you asap!

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