M2M TV Update

Last day we recieved this message “Hi M2M TV, give us an update!”
We know, We’ve been in the open beta for a while. Time to give you an update!

What’s the status?

We are happy to announce that the last phase of the Open Beta has started. The developers are busy finalizing the last bugs in the apps and adding more functionalities on a daily basis. Also, our sales team works on making an as good as possible channel-offer for you. We are planning to go live with a very international selection of channels, and are singing contracts with many channels as we speak.

Which ones?
We are keeping our channel-list a secret until launch. Russia Today, Hunting Action Channel and Go To Luxe TV are already available in the beta. However, we can let you know that TVE and RAI will the platform for sure..!

So, when will you launch?!
Soon. very soon! Stay tuned, we’ll be giving sneak previews soon!