M2M TV - Choose your own channels

How M2M TV works part 2

Yesterday we told you all about the devices needed to use M2M TV. Today we would like to tell you more about the functionaility of the apps.

How M2M TV Works
After you’ve logged in, you enter the homescreen of the apps. In the top you’ll find a list of channels you’ve subscribed for. Swipe to the right for more channels. In the Most Watched section of the app you’ll find the popular channels. Swipe to the right for more. If you have not purchased the channel yet, just tab on it and a pop-up screen will appear where you can order the channel.

Recommended is the section where we would like to introduce some channels to you, based on your viewer profile. This is personalized based on what we think you might like to watch. For a complete list of all the channels and subscribe to new channels which are not in Recommended or Most watched, go to the website and subscribe to more channels in your personal account.

Within the apps you can also view the tv guide for the channels you purchased. This makes it easy for you to watch a channel based on the programs they are broadcasting at the moment. Also, if you find a list of channels more convenient instead of the livestreams of the channels. Simply click on the top 3 lines for the menu and open the channel list.

The apps for television almost have the same possibilities, it only works with a remote control given bij the Android Box or Apple TV. We’ve made a video about a set-top box and the Apple TV 4.

Watching on 2 devices at the same time is free in your account. You can use a smartphone or an Tablet as a remote control. If you would like to watch a channel on your television instead of on your tablet, just tab the channel and hold it a bit longer than you normally would do. Swipe the channel to the device (the android box or apple tv needs to be turned on) and the channel will appear on your big screen.

Register to new channels
M2M TV is an a la carte service, which means you are free to decide which channels you would like to subscribe to. Login to your account, go to Subscriptions and click on the subscribe button. Choose the channels and all done! If you would like to unsubscribe, click on unsubscribe, easy as that! You can subscribe to new channels at any time. All channels are monthly terminable.

If watching on 2 screens at the same time is not enough, easily add more streams to your account by going to Streams (after you’ve logged in) And add extra streams. Hit the Save Changes button and more streams are available.


If you have any questions about the apps, let us know!