Channel: Travel TV

Channel: Travel TV from Bulgaria

Welcome to Bulgaria! Travel HD is the first channel that will show you all about Bulgaria.

The first FullHD TV channel, established in 2009, shows 24 hours a day of traveling to and in Bulgaria. Watch the most beautiful, valuable and important places in Bulgaria. Sea, nature, villages, towns, cultural sites, churches, monuments, fortresses, wild places, animals, unknown sites, landscapes and panoramas taken of land, water, air in all four seasons. If you are interested in Bulgaria, this is the channel you shouldn’t miss.

Travel TV is now available on M2M TV. Select the channel from your channel list or register first.

Channel: Travel TV HD
Genre: Animals and Nature, Culture, Documentary, Educational, Food, History, sports, travel and lifestyle
Languages: English and Bulgarian subtitle
Available in: Worldwide
Costs: € 0,95 per month