NatureVision TV

The ultimate relaxation channel: Naturevision

We love nature. That is why we are so exited to announce that NatureVision is now available on M2M TV.

NatureVision TV is the world’s premier relaxation channel! Programs combine extraordinary scenes of nature from around the world with natural sounds, and soothing music. Enjoy calming relaxation anytime: When working, eating, entertaining, and sleeping.

NatureVision has the most relaxing, stress-relieving programs available. These are not nature programs like you would find on other channels. Here, we use beautiful scenes of nature without any chatter. Let the nature speak for itself. The result is pure relaxation.

The collection of exceptionally soothing nature programs brings the world’s most beautiful places to you through the brilliance of HD video and surround sound. These programs instantly transform any television, tablet, or phone into a crystal clear window on nature. To ensure your all natural experience, our programs include not only the beautiful sounds of nature, but many also include relaxing original music as well.

Sounds great, right? We know what we are doing tonight..

Genre: Travel & Lifestyle
Language: No language
Available in: Worldwide
Costs: € 3,99 per month