September 2016

Channel: 1+1 International

Channel: 1+1, for Ukrainians living abroad

More great news for the Ukrainian people, 1+1 has joined the platform! 1+1 is the Ukrainian and Russian spoken tv channel for premium family entertainment for Ukrainians living abroad. That is what we call Infotainment! Channel: 1+1 International 1+1 International is a family oriented premium infotainment TV-channel...

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M2M TV Webcare

Vragen over het zenderaanbod, de kijkvoorwaarden, bereikbaarheid of meer? Neem contact op met M2M TV via onze webcare. Facebook: /mobile2morrow Twitter: @M2MTVNL Twitter webcare: @M2MTVwebcare Of laat een reactie achter via het contactformulier. ...

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Zender: Pebble TV, voor kinderen vanaf 2 jaar

Goed nieuws voor de allerjongsten, vanaf vandaag is Pebble TV ook beschikbaar op M2M TV.   Deze Nederlandstalige tv-zender is speciaal voor alle kinderen vanaf 2 jaar. Geniet samen van de leukste en grappigste series en tekenfilms, zonder reclame. Pebble TV is de vrolijke start van...

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Channel: DW, the international news channel from Germany

International news, English spoken, from a German perspective. DW, also known as Deutsche Welle, is now available on M2M TV! Watch reliable news and information from all around the world. Analysis, insights, important issues and special features on DW. The talk shows, reports, news updates and...

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Channel: Culture, wildlife, history and more: DocuBox HD

It’s all in the name, DocuBox HD is our newest channel featuring documentary’s about culture, wildlife, history, popular science and more. Watch the Award-winning documentaries and explore the beauty and mysteries of our planet. Watch shows in breathtaking High-definition footage and compelling content. DocuBox HD Genre: Adventure, Animals &...

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Channel: fashion, designers and brands on FashionBox HD

Welcome to FashionBox HD. The channel all about style. Watch inspirational, educational and always highly entertaining content on shopping, lifestyle and fashion trends. Watch catwalks shows from up close, enjoy fashion and learn from the interviews with topdesigners. FashionBox HD Genre: Entertainment, Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle Language: English Available in:...

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Channel: Fast & FunBox HD

Adrenaline and nothing but adrenaline. Watch Fast’n’FunBox HD! Extreme sports from car racing, sailing and snowboarding to motocross, boating, skateboarding,skydiving and many more, without ever having to leave the comfort of your couch. No commercial breaks! Fast’n’FunBox HD Genre: Adventure, Entertainment, Sports, Travel & Lifestyle Language: English Available in: Worldwide...

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Channel: JUKEBOX, Hits non-stop

Jukebox is the newest music-channel available on M2M TV, a channel dedicated to a mix of today’s music and the classics of the last decades. Listen and watch to songs from all famous starts like Adele, Taylor Swift, Robin Schultz, Cro, Rihanna, Herbert Grönemeyer and many...

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