How M2M TV works

M2M TV is an online service and works both for iOS and Android on apps we’ve developed. In this blog you’ll find more information about the apps and how they work.

All apps are free to download, but you need to register first via the website to be able to use the apps. A registration costs € 5,99 per month. This is a monthly subscription fee. After this you are free to choose your channels on a a la carte basis. The price of the channels vary and are available from €0,15 cents per channel per month.

Android App 
You find the app for android if you search for M2M TV of if you follow this link. You need at least Android 4.4x or higher to make sure the app works properly. For all details, please follow this link. M2M TV also works on Amazon Fire phones and Tablets, but please make sure you have the right version of the device.

iOS App
The app for iOS works on iPhone 5 or higher and iPad 2 or higher.

We’ve also developed an app that works on Android Boxes and the Apple TV. You also need 4.4. or higher for android and only the Apple TV 4 supports M2M TV.

How M2M TV Works
After you’ve logged in, you enter the homescreen of the apps. In the top you’ll find a list of channels you’ve subscribed for. Swipe to the right for more channels. In the most watched section of the app you’ll find the popular channels. Swipe to the right for more. If you have not purchased the channel yet, just tab on it and a pop-up screen will appear where you can order the channel..

Tomorrow we will explain more about the apps and how to order new channels. Stay tuned!