RTP Internacional

RTP has been the public service television operator in Portugal since 1957 and is now available on M2M TV.

RTPi is founded in 1992 with the aim of promoting the image of Portugal and enriching the day to day life of all those scattered around the world who communicate in Portuguese.

RTPi reached around 200 million people whose language is the 5th most spoken in the world. Its viewers are to be found in America, Europe and also in Portugese speaking African countries and in Asian countries with great historic symbolism for Portugal.

RTPi shows the country. they promote learning Portuguese language, culture and history. Debates, Sports, Football and a local voice to communities. programs are subtitled in English so that more people can have acces to the channel.

RTP Internacional
Genre: Public channel
Language: Portuguese, English subtitled
Available in: Worldwide
Costs: € 5,99 per month