Channel: earthTV, live feed from around the world

We can welcome another very unique channel to M2M TV, earthTV is now worldwide available!

EarthTV owns and operates the largest broadcast camera network around the globe and is the producer of the THE WORLD LIVE television program. Berlin-based earthTV is a digital production company specialized in the production of program streams on the base of live feed from around the world.

From 250,000 minutes of original camera broadcasts earthTV produces 2.4 million minutes of program streams distributed in 10 different languages aired across 36 channels based in 26 countries with cumulated reach of 1.5 billion viewers.

“The World Live” is probably one of the most successful formats in the history of television with over 200,000 live shows produced.

Genre: News, Travel & Lifestyle, Special Interest, Infotainment, Animals & Nature, Culture, Entertainment
Language: English
Available in: Worldwide available
Costs: € 0,49 per month