Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is M2M TV?

M2M TV is a new way of watching television. You decide where, when and how you would like to watch. Select your own channels and watch on your tablet, browser, smartphone or television. Stream live and online tv-channels that you choose. No more large standard packages or year-long contracts,You decide! Try M2M TV basic the first month for free!

What is M2M TV Basic

M2M Basic is the basic subscription you need to use M2M TV. You can try M2M TV basic one month for free, after that, you only pay € 5,99 per month. Included channels are: DW, France 24, GoTo Luxe.TV, HVN 2, RT, Arirang TV, TRT World and Current Time. It’s easy to set up:

  1. Create an account and choose your channels
  2. Confirm and activate by paying 1 cent
  3. Watch immediately!
How does it work?

M2M TV is an OTT platform, which means we deliver our services through the internet. You register via our website and download the apps in the App Store or the Google Play store to watch on your smartphone, tv or tablet. You select the channels you would like to watch and start watching the way you are used to. M2M TV offers live TV and you stream the channels wherever you want. To watch on your television you need a set-top box or an Apple TV 4. All channels can be cancelled on a monthly basis.

Isn’t it too good to be true?

No! We’ve been fooled for many years by package-providers offering a lot of channels for a lot of money. But more than half of these channels you never even watch. We’re letting our TV partners choose for themselves what kind of price they would like to have for their channel. A fair price for them, a lot cheaper for us. Why pay for something you never use?

How do I subscribe?

Start watching cabelfree television in a few simple steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Register and choose your channels
  3. Start watching television
I cannot find the apps. What is the correct name?

We have different apps. Try searching for:

Android phones / Tablets : M2M TV
Android TV boxes : M2M TV Box
iPhone / iPad : M2M TV
FireTV : M2M TV for Fire TV

What is the term of notice?

You subscribe per month. it does not matter if you cancel on the first day or the last day of the month, if you cancel, your registration and/or subscriptions will end at the end of the period. If you do not cancel, the subscription will be extended automatically for one month.

This apply’s for the first month for free as well as all other subscriptions.

Where do I find a list of all the channels?
Where do I find a list of all On Demand films and series?

On demand is not available at the moment. If it is, you’ll be the first to know.

Does M2M TV also work abroad?

Yes! But keep in mind that some channels do not have worldwide rights, so your channel could not be available in other countries except your home country. You can always check if the stream for the channel is available in the country of your choosing.

I would like to watch TV via M2M TV.

Contact and customer service

I have a complaint.

That’s too bad. You can reach our customer service via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook. We are more than happy to help you.

Can I reach M2M TV via Telephone?

Unfortunately we don’t have a phone number (yet). You can reach us by social media or e-mail.

Can I reach you on Social Media?

Sure! You can reach us at Facebook and Twitter

I would like to send you an e-mail.

Please use this form.

Settings and installing

Where do I find the Android App?

Download to the Android App (It’s free!) 

Where do I find the iOS App?
Where can I find the browser-version?

Over here Please make sure you use Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer to use the web tv player. 

Can I add a Child Account?


1. Go via the menu to Child Account and click on +Child
2. Fill in the form. Choose another e-mailadress that the one you signed up with. Click ok add
3. Select the channels your child is allowed to watch via Action and press Save. All done!

Watch television

Where can I find the browser-version?

Over here! Please make sure you use Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. 

What is the minimal required bandwidth I need to watch a channel on M2M TV?

You need al least 5Mbit. However we advice to have at least 8-10Mbit to be able to stream a channel and surf the internet.

How do I order or stop channels?

Go to, login and go to Subscriptions. You can easily choose new channels or end subscriptions.

Are my new channels directly available?

Yes. If you have ordered new channels, you can start watching those immediately. Please logout and log back in and you’ll find the channel(s) in your channel-list.

Do I need a set-topbox or Apple TV?

Yes. But only if you want to watch M2M TV on your television. We would like to give you the best quality possible and be accessible for everyone who would like to use M2M TV. That’s why we have chosen for a set-topbox instead of a Smart TV app. The technology of smart TV’s are still subject to changes and not stable enough for our service to work on. Also, not everyone has a smart TV. Therefore we are introducing our set-topbox. 

Where do I order a set-top box?

Login to your account and click on +subscriptions. You can also send us an e-mail via [email protected] if you would like to order the box.

How much does a set-topbox costs?

Once ordered, the set-topbox is yours. You can buy the decoder for € 69,-. 

How do I watch on multiple screens at the same time?

We like to keep it simple. Just start watching. You can watch on 2 devices at the same time. Need more? Just login and purchase watching in more screens. 

How do I change from one screen to another on my phone or tablet?

That’s easy! Just press on the channel a little bit longer than you normaly would. A screen appears where you can drop the channel on another screen. 

How do I watch television on my TV?

You need a set-topbox, Amazon Fire Stick or Apple TV for that. You can buy an Apple TV at official sellingpoints. Please make sure you buy an Apple TV 4.

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No, unfortunately not. The operating systems of smart tv’s are not stable enough for us to make good quality software for smart tv’s. 

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You need a set-topbox, Amazon Fire Stick or Apple TV for that. You can buy an Apple TV at official sellingpoints. Please make sure you buy an Apple TV 4. 

What quality can I expect?

Most of our channels are in HD or SD. We always offer the highest quality possible. 

Why is there a difference in the quality of the tv-channels?

We always try to offer the best quality as possible, but please keep in mind that some channels are in a lower quality, due to the availability of the channel (in a higher or lower quality). All of the channels available in HD are mentioned here

When will new channels be added?

We’ll add new channels on a weekly basis. Follow our social pages on Facebook and Twitter for updates. 

How does the Apple TV work?

You can watch M2M TV on your television via the Apple TV 4. It is easy, just install the Apple TV as defined in the instructions. Go to the App store, download the M2M TV app and start watching. 

Payments, billing and administration

What are the conditions of the free month M2M TV Basic?

You can try M2M TV basic one month for free. You only need to confirm with paying 1 cent. Channels that are included are: DW, France 24, GoTo Luxe.TV, HVN 2, RT, Arirang TV, TRT World and Current Time. Every other channel you select a la carte and are not included in M2M TV basic. 

When do I need to pay?

Did you register? Than we will send you an e-mail with confirmation and payment options. Via pre-authorized debit we will collect the total amount for the basis package and chosen channels from your account on the day of the month you subscribed to M2M TV. 

How do I change my paying information?

Go to your profile and change your payment information. 

How can I pay?

Via iDeal, Creditcard and ELV (Elektronisches Lastschriftverfahren, Germany & Austria only).  

Where do I find my invoice?

Via my M2M TV

The channels I recently ordered are not on my bill?

We need some time to process. Not all of your channels are directly on your bill. 

My invoice is different than expected?

Newly ordered channels appear on your new invoice. You do not pay for your new ordered channels directly, but, only in the first month, afterwards. The invoice will exist of the price of the channel for the next month and the price of the channel for the days you watched the channel in the previous month. You only pay for the days the channel was available to you, and not the complete month. 

I’m moving. Where do I change my address?
I changed from Internet provider. Should I do anything?

Nope! M2M TV works on all internet providers as long as the speed is high enough so you don’t need to amend anything.


On which operating systems does M2M TV?

iOS: iPad 2 or higher on iOS 8.
iPhone: at least an IPhone 5 with iOS 8.
Android: Android 4.4 or higher. Unfortunately our services don’t work on any other tablets.
Browser: Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 

What is the minimal required bandwidth I need to watch a channel on M2M TV?

You need al least 5Mbit to stream a channel from M2M TV. However we advice to have at least 8-10Mbit to be able to watch a channel and surf the internet.