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Always Really Cool

RiC TVI am not only a well known cartoon character, since 2012 I also have

RiC TV – my own TV channel

There I show everything what children and family like to see:

High-quality productions – non-violent and educational

Promoting creativity and conveying knowledge and proper social behaviour

Selected programmes of European origin for children from 3-13 and the whole family

Daily „good-night story“ at bedtime – so the children come to rest

Language: German 
In: Germany, Austria, Switserland
Website: To Website
uality: HD

Price: Together with Fix& Foxi TV €1,99 per month* 

* You need a subscription to M2M TV to be able to use the a la carte offer of M2M TV. We call this M2M TV Basic. M2M TV Basic is always the first month for free, we only ask for a payment of 1 cent to confirm your subscription. After the first month, M2M TV basic costs € 5,99 per month. Read more about M2M TV Basic. 

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Rube Roach was an ordinary bug until one day, after wandering too close to that donut, he found himself covered in microchips and whatnot, and after getting zapped by a light socket, he became RoboRoach – a superhero cockroach with the ability to morph into virtually anything! 

Shadow of the Elves

Shadow of the Elves

Almost microscopic in size, there exists a world hidden within our own; the Meadowlands is a delicate world of flowers as large as redwoods and insects the size of dragons; where peaceful fairies take wing and comical trolls haunt the low land swamps and inhabit dark hidden caves.
Without warning, a shroud of evil is creeping across the land…deep in the Dark Wood at the edge of the Meadowlands the Elves have built their citadel in a gnarled ancient tree. Their malevolent leader Lord Kann lusts after control of the entire fairy empire and has vowed to conquer every corner of this magical realm.

Maggie and the Ferocious Beast

Based on the popular children’s books created by Michael and Betty Paraskevas, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast highlights the relationship between a young girl and her best friends.  Days are filled with playfulness and adventure in Nowhere Land, an imaginary place inspired by the drawings of this bright and creative five-year-old.  It’s a place where Maggie’s favorite stuffed toys, the large, lovable and very polka-dotted Ferocious Beast, and steadfast pig Hamilton Hocks, come to life!  Together they climb the highest mountains, cross the widest deserts, sing loud and harmoniously, and savor the sweet spice of pumpkin pie.  Simply put, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast celebrates the power of friendship.

Also on RiC TV

Tomothy goes to school
Tales from the Cryptkeeper
Mission Odysee


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